Public values

What is the role of local government in the spatial development of the city?

Public values are what we as a society consider important. In a physical sense they are often places of collective significance. The urban designers at Urhahn serve the public interest and guarantee the sustainable development of the city.


Institutional developers and housing associations are no longer in a position to initiate large-scale area development and restructure of the city. The scope of new, smaller actors is often very different, since their interests scarcely go beyond the project in question.


The (local) government is therefore often the logical party to partner in drawing up guidelines for the development of private initiatives. Design research enables a local authority to explore opportunities and establish connections between the scale of the city and that of the intervention. By formulating ambitions, calling attention to places and developing smart strategies, the public urban designer positions himself as an important actor. Urhahn views the city as a whole and seeks ways to strength public values.