The urban designer and the spontaneous city

De stedenbouwer in de spontane stad is veel meer dan ontwerper. Het formuleren van de opgave, het vormgeven aan processen, verleiden en enthousiasmeren zijn essentiële vaardigheden.

The new reality of area development calls for an urban designer who understands, communicates and puts into practice the idea behind the spontaneous city.


Area development calls for new plans that focus on co-creation, flexibility and the provision of space. The spontaneous city is also a search for new urban design instruments: plans and visions that entice, excite and set the agenda.


Together with stakeholders

The urban designer makes these visions in unison with stakeholders in an area. The initiative preferably comes from residents and entrepreneurs. The urban designer brings parties together, explores the assignment and possibilities through design, and sketches perspectives. The urban designers at Urhahn work according to this method, collaborating in the process with stakeholders and a host of experts. Our strength lies in integrating all interests. Space and ‘image’, in all its manifestations, are our tools.


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