Urhahn regularly conducts research into innovation in urban design. We are pleased to share our knowledge with you.

‘A Pattern Image’ and ‘Strategie voor stedelijkheid’ were essential reading for students at Delft University of Technology. ‘Wonen in de Deltametropool’ and ‘Wonen A La Carte’ also sold well in bookstores. We invested heavily in research into urban quality, building typologies and types of residential areas. The findings of these studies establish a solid foundation for our urban design work. In recent years we have focused our research on the development of the Spontaneous City.


Publications Urhahn (descriptions will follow soon)

  • Vormgeven aan de Spontane Stad
  • De Spontane Stad
  • Luxury housing in the Dutch Delta Metropolis South
  • Wonen à la carte
  • Wonen in de Deltametropool
  • Strategie voor Stedelijkheid
  • A Pattern Image