The active city

A lot has being spoken about healthy, active cities, but how do you make them? We show this in our new book! Now available.


Organic area development Oostenburg Amsterdam

Oostenburg is being developed into a mixed use area. The design by Urhahn investigates the balance between flexibility for future initiatives on one hand, and consistency and security on the other.


A winning region

Urhahn has drawn up a structure plan for the West-Friesland region. This ambitious project involves regional parties and local people in safeguarding the future of West-Friesland.


Vision for Hoorn city centre: an innovative process approach

Over one thousand Facebook reactions, numerous conversations with residents, members of the business community and visitors to the city centre during the City Centre Labs, and intensive collaboration with the municipality, have all helped shape this vision.


Strategy indicator for urban transformation

The practice of urban area development has changed considerably in recent years. Area development today calls for flexibility. Urhahn researched the practice and concluded that there is plenty of experimentation with new strategies.


How promising is an IBA for the Schiphol region?

The high economical dynamics in the Schiphol region are sometimes conflicting with livability and quality of life in the urban areas. Time to investigate the feasibility of an innovative planning tool like the International Building Exhibition (IBA).


North Sea Canal area: together along the waterside

How can the divergent interests alongside the North Sea Canal area come together? Urhahn creates the vision for 2040 in which the area of tension between urbanization, increase of employment and conservation of regional qualities are drawn together.


The Spontaneous City

The era of large-scale urban planning is over. With the book ‘The Spontaneous City’ Urhahn heralds another practice.


Factory intertwines with the city

With the development of a former textile factory, the town centre of Almelo suddenly increases with 22 hectares. Urhahn made the development plan for Indië terrain.