The gardens of Zandweerd, Deventer

Urhahn designs the most exercise-friendly and sustainable neighbourhood in the Netherlands


    On the north side of Deventer, on the site of the former ice rink and soccer fields, there is room for a beautiful new neighbourhood. The ambitions are high, in respect of the quality of this place. Near the city centre, steps away from the beautiful IJssel river and a place with beautiful trees and ponds. Our concept for the site is called The Gardens of Zandweerd: a neighbourhood with high ambitions with regard to sustainable energy, food production, water, mobility and collectivity. Small clusters of around 10-15 homes form a unit that perfectly matches a new energy concept whereby heat is collected and used collectively, the small clusters are linked and connected to external sources such as the adjacent sewage treatment plant. Sustainable energy generation also uses sources present at and around the location such as wind, sun and the currents of the nearby IJssel river. The neighbourhood is free of the use of gas. Other sustainability themes such as food production, social cohesion / meeting, sustainable mobility (a car-free neighbourhood) and sustainable water have also been worked out. The sustainability themes take shape in the ‘garden concept’, and opt for a conscious lifestyle. The concept is circular and offers all the space you need to build your own home or to build something together. There is also room for innovative living concepts such as tiny houses.


    More information about current developments can be found (in Dutch) on the ‘op je stek’ website.