Everyone seems to agree: mixed use areas contribute to liveable cities. But why is it so difficult to achieve a mix of functions in urban area developments and transformations? This dilemma intrigues us and forms the basis for our latest research.


‘Activity scan’ Antwerp

Working on a more healthy, active Antwerp is a brave choice. It requires a strong policy with regard to car use, which does not always lead to popular measures. Then why do we want a more active friendly Antwerp?


The Story of Lelystad

Lelystad defines strategic tasks as a prelude to the environmental vision (‘omgevingsvisie’).


The active city

A lot has being spoken about healthy, active cities, but how do you make them? We show this in our new book! Now available.


Organic area development Oostenburg Amsterdam

Oostenburg is being developed into a mixed use area. The design by Urhahn investigates the balance between flexibility for future initiatives on one hand, and consistency and security on the other.