Participation process in Hoofddorp

Development plan and strategy for Hoofddorp Central is attractive and provides guidance for initiators.


    Open planning process

    Hoofddorp is gradually evolving into a resilient and more vibrant city that residents and entrepreneurs feel more attached to and involved in the developments. The area between the centre of Hoofddorp and the station plays an important role in realizing this ambition. A prominent position is occupied by Beukenhorst West, an office district with a 50% vacancy level.


    The municipality works in an open process, based on the intensive involvement of residents, owners, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders, on the design and development of Hoofddorp Centraal. The sport hall on Prins Hendriklaan is the epicentre of this process. Building blocks for the development strategy were gathered during three working sessions supervised by Urhahn. In a follow up, Urhahn teamed up with those involved and with Stadkwadraat, landscape architects Dijk&co (park design) and Stipo (office complex) to draw up the design and development strategy for Hoofddorp Centraal.



    The challenges are the creation of a logical and attractive pedestrian and cycle route between the city centre and station via the fruit gardens, the wooded Wandelbos, the tennis courts and Beukenhorst-West, the transformation of Beukenhorst-West into a mixed urban area, and the development of the station into a full-fledged transport interchange.


    Development plan and development strategy

    The development plan indicates the desired future character of Hoofddorp Centraal. This character is determined by a number of factors: functions, the appearance of buildings, dynamism, the quality of public space, the relevance for Hoofddorp as a whole and the region. The development plan is attractive and offers guidance for initiatives that contribute to the area’s ambitions. The development is therefore not a blueprint but consists of a main spatial and programmatic structure.


    The development strategy responds to how the ambitions for Hoofddorp Centraal can be realized. It is about new forms of collaboration, about choosing priorities, about steps towards realization, about municipal investments that lead to investments from others and vice versa.