Development vision Overgoo, Leidschendam-Voorburg

Compass for the transformation into a mixed living and working area


    Urhahn | urban design & strategy have drawn up a development vision for Overgoo. The area is on the eve of a transformation from a working area to a mixed living-working area. An area in which living, working and facilities come together and mutually reinforce one another. Impact Real Estate has various real estate positions in the area and the ambition to be the leading party in this transformation process. The municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg and Impact have worked together with Urhahn on the development of a development vision for Overgoo.


    Ambition and identity

    The preconditions for redevelopment are set out in the development vision. In addition, the development vision explicitly addresses the overarching ambition: what type of area should Overgoo be in the future? What is the identity? For which target groups is the area interesting? How is the area connected to the rest of Leidschendam?


    Careful deliberation

    The transformation of the area will take time. It will be a step by step process, with the final image gradually coming into being. The development vision acts as a compass. It gives direction to developments over time and it ensures coherence and flexibility. This flexibility is necessary for complex transformation with various stakeholders and owners. The essence of the vision is robust and future-proof, in its elaboration it is adaptively able to move along with changing (market) circumstances. It forms an intermediate product on the road to more concrete planning, the basis for establishing the rules of development.


    Co creation

    There has been intensive dialogue with the stakeholders through broad work sessions. In addition to representatives from the municipality and the developer, entrepreneurs from the area and residents on the edge of the area also contributed their ideas. And through various open environment meetings, interested parties have given a critical and constructive shape and content to the vision. The municipality has worked simultaneously on principles for the development of Overgoo. The development vision is approved at the municipal level and provides the basis for further plan development.