Development framework De Hoef West

Collaboration creates support in Amersfoort


    The municipality of Amersfoort aims to transform De Hoef West from a business district into a modern and lively city district. Urhahn, in collaboration with Karres + Brands, drew up the development framework, which was adopted by the city council in September 2019.


    De Hoef West is a transformation area with a lot of development potential. The area can accommodate up to 2,500 homes, in both new and existing buildings. The starting point is also the preservation of the economic significance: at least 5,000 people will continue to work in the area and existing education clusters grow into fully-fledged campus environments.


    Many different developers are active in the area, each with their own pace, interests and ideas. The development framework ensures coherence in overarching ambitions. It also provides clarity about the development possibilities at the plot level. In consultation with the active parties, we have drawn up a set of spatial and programmatic rules.


    We were previously involved in the Structural Vision for De Hoef-West and we have prepared a manifesto for the station area on behalf of a number of developers/owners.


    Read more about this project and download the development framework on the website of the municipality of Amersfoort.