Can the bridge become part of the city?

Urban development research Hamerkwartier Amsterdam Noord


    The development of the Stork site in Noord is part of the Hamerkwartier. Eigen Haard housing association and the municipality of Amsterdam are working directly on the area development. The development is complex due to a number of elements that come together at the location: the monumental halls, including the Kromhouthal, the park on the banks of the IJ and the bridge over the IJ, the position of which is not yet certain.


    The ambition is to transform this area into a high density urban neighbourhood with room for special programs that do not alienate Hamerkwartier and the surrounding neighbourhoods. The programming of the Kromhouthal is essential (concept development Kromhouthal, Urhahn 2017), but also the arrival of a high school and the desire to give existing tenants a permanent place in the area.


    The public space plays an important role in the connection of the Hamerkwartier with the Vogelbuurt and IJplein. A bridge over the Motor Canal, good quays along the Motor Canal and bicycle routes are important in this, but also simple things like a place to fish on the IJ. When fitting in the bridge, should it land on the Eigen Haard lot, fitting in the landing of the bridge and overcoming the differences in height is a complicated but also exciting task. It is being investigated whether the bridge can become part of the city as much as possible, with the ramp becoming a sloping street.