Factory intertwines with the city

With the development of a former textile factory, the town centre of Almelo suddenly increases with 22 hectares. Urhahn made the development plan for Indië terrain.


    Development plan

    Commissioned by the owner Ter Steege Realty Rijssen Urhahn has outlined a vision for the transformation of a former textile factory. The municipality and TSVG have asked us to detail this vision into a development plan. This plan provides the framework for the architects that will make the detailed designs for the buildings. Urhahn also drew up a plan for the design of public space and John Breen of Urhahn is supervisor for the development.


    Support and inspiration

    As of the first sketches the credo has been to create support. First of all support from the municipality of Almelo. After a series of meetings and presentations an official working group was set up to guide further planning. This integrated team worked parallel on the development plan and zoning plan.


    For the development of Indië Almelo Urhahn formed a think tank that was regularly involved in the development process. This group consists of people with regional background, strategic position in the local entrepreneurs network or with a particular affinity with this type of project.


    Working and living a stone’s throw from the town centre

    Over the years, several products have been composed. The development plan is a key document. On this basis, architects are selected and plans are judged. The document also gave context to the public space design. The document is often used for inspiration. Meanwhile, the first buildings are realized and an existing factory complex is transformed into a music rehearsal room. Meanwhile, part of the site adopted the new zoning plan from the municipality, which allows for the construction of dwellings. The first houses are delivered in the summer of 2015. Parts of the public spaces are are designed and delivered with material that was found in this area.


    Bert Hallink – president Ter Steege Realty Rijssen:

    “The planners of Urhahn were inspired by recycling and weaving themes of the Indië factory. Because they put people first at all times, it seems more like they are recycling and knitting. That does not sound cool, but it characterizes the true master. “