Professional network

Area development brings together many disciplines. That is why Urhahn often works with professionals from other areas of expertise. We are also active in a number of cross-disciplinary collaborative partnerships, enabling us to advise you on all aspects of the planning process.

Network of people and offices
Our network consists of people and offices active in related areas of expertise such as financial planning, sustainability, participation and community building, legal affairs and structural engineering.


A small selection of experts we work with regularly:


  • 12N stedenbouw
  • Antea
  • Appm management consultants
  • Bureau Buiten
  • City works
  • Co-urb / Ruimtevolk
  • COUP
  • Decisio
  • Deltares
  • Dijk & Co
  • Elberfeld
  • Fakton
  • Grontmij
  • Inbo
  • Infram
  • Mett
  • Planmaat
  • Projectbureau Vrolijks
  • Slangen Hulsker Architecten
  • Stadkwadraat
  • Stadsstromen
  • Stipo
  • Studio nine dots
  • ’t Idee
  • Titaannetwerk
  • Witteveen + Bos
  • Zero zero architects



Collaborative partnerships

In the Go Dutch Consortium we work with architects and social scientists. The consortium exports our knowledge to make areas more sustainable, both spatially and socially, and more attractive. The ‘integrated approach’ focuses not only on renewing neighbourhoods physically but also on changing the perspective of residents so that they enjoy new opportunities. The Go Dutch Consortium is active in Washington, New York and Miami.


Urbanisator (website in Dutch) focuses on the renewal of areas of employment. The target group is made up of property owners struggling with vacant buildings and other stakeholders in office and employment areas. Our approach stimulates and inspires them to work together to improve the quality of their property and its immediate surroundings. The Urbanisator has been applied in the Binckhorst area of The Hague. In the Urbanisator, Urhahn works with Appm (process managers), Stadkwadraat (financial experts) and the Mannen van Schuim (concept developers).


As a member of consortiums, Urhahn has provincial framework contracts with the Province of Noord-Holland (Consortium Noordhollands Peil) and Overijssel (Overijssels Peil).