Who are we?

The team at Urhahn translates creativity into convincing images and clear language. Our team consists of committed people from various spatial disciplines and of various backgrounds.

Everybody at Urhahn has their own area of expertise. With us, you will encounter designers with an eye for detail as well as strategists who can grasp the whole picture. Team leaders with a wealth of experience alongside young talents. Our team consists of project managers, designers and draftsmen. We also employ our own graphic designer because we attach great importance to the visual quality of our products. We share our passion for our work and are socially responsible. Tess Broekmans, Ad de Bont and Sjoerd Feenstra head our tight-knit team.


Meet our team:

Tess Broekmans – partner / urban designer

Ad de Bont – partner / urban designer

Sjoerd Feenstra – partner / strategic advisor

Jessica Tjon Atsoy – project manager / urban designer

Maarten Lankester – project manager / landscape and urban designer

Wendy van Kessel – project manager / urban designer

Frits Erdmann – project manager / urban designer

Rick Groeneveld – urban designer

Lieke Robben – urban designer

Milan Oosterling – urban designer

Mae-Ling Stuyt – urban designer

Sophie van Eeden – landscape designer

Harshita Vishway – urban designer

Alain Blom – urban designer

Josje-Marie Vrolijk – graphic designer

Noëmi Hartvelt – office manager


CV’s of all of the team members can be viewed on our Dutch website.