Sjoerd Feenstra

Partner, urban design strategist

Sjoerd is a capable and communicative project manager who focuses on collaboration. Sjoerd has over ten years of experience as a creative supervisor and leader of complex projects involving various stakeholders and often conflicting interests. His quality lies in reconciling differing perspectives and maximising creative energy. This results in widely supported, innovative and practical solutions. Sjoerd puts people first, and design and technical solutions are subordinate. Thanks to his strong analytical ability, he knows better than anyone how to structure and deepen complex projects.


Sjoerd is one of the motivational figures behind the philosophy of the spontaneous city. As co-author, he compiled the publication ‘Vormgeven aan de spontaneous city’ (PBL & Urhahn, 2012), about experiences with organic area development, and he lectures frequently on this theme. In addition, he lends substance to the ‘Urbanisator’ concept that tackles vacant office properties. By forging new coalitions between market and government parties, he is able to put the spontaneous city into practice. Sjoerd studied social geography in Groningen.


Send Sjoerd an email or call him: +31 20 421 7440