Tess Broekmans

Partner, urban designer

Tess enjoys working with residents and entrepreneurs in the knowledge that users know an area best. In her opinion, city development is about making cities full of vitality, based on existing economic and social strengths. She views design as a means rather than a goal. Her strength lies in formulating an assignment and finding practical solutions to complex problems. Tess is a specialist in the field of inner-city development. She embraces the challenge of inclusive and complex urban projects such as central areas. She offers a broad view of the city and, thanks to an abundance of experience, she is highly knowledgeable about housing, retail and accessibility.


Tess studied urban design at Delft University of Technology and then worked for the Spatial Planning Department in Amsterdam. In addition to her urban design work, she is a visiting lecturer at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture and at the University of Lund in Sweden. She is also a member of CAWA, the Amsterdam municipal committee for studios and living/working facilities in the creative sector.


Send Tess an email or call her: +31 20 421 7440