What do we offer?

We like to help local authorities, property developers and other parties that initiate area development projects to clarify their aims with an area and to consider all possibilities.

We are at our best when area development has not yet been precisely defined, yet there is an intuitive sense that something is possible. We are, of course, more than willing to help you work out a development strategy if a plan already exists. Issues of concern include the involvement of parties, the speed of development, and dealing with the uncertainties that are part and parcel of every development process.


We feel at home at any scale, whether it’s a region or city, or a district or neighbourhood. We also master the subtleties of urban design in terms of public space and housing typologies.


We are working on a series of area development projects, ranging from regional visions to development strategies, from area concepts to plans defining the appearance of development, from master plans to sketch designs for public space, and from urban design plans to bid books.


We are expert at leading workshops and regularly address congresses and symposiums. On occasion, we also take on a supervisory role during the execution of a plan. We work on behalf of both public and private parties.