Value creation in small steps

How to improve the quality of the Binckhorst Northwest in The Hague in an organic development process?


    Amvest and Boele & Van Eesteren proof that applying the philosophy of spontaneous city is not just the domain of the local government. In a vision for Binckhorst Northwest Urhahn examines how to improve the quality of this inner city area of employment in an organic area development process.


    New Life

    Commissioned by Amvest and Boele & van Eesteren Urhahn has done a survey on the future of the the area. Both parties have property in the area. In the Northwest Quadrant are a number of old buildings of the former gasworks. The site is within walking distance of stations HS and CS, a waterfront and at Binckhorstlaan, a major entrance to the city of The Hague. The exploration is to improve the prospects for the area.



    Inspirations, programmatic scenarios and a development strategy form the cornerstones for the  exploration. The study was presented to the municipality of The Hague.


    District 070 as a concept

    District 070 is the working title of our exploration. District 070 represents an urban mix of cultural, working and residential functions. The sketch is an open invitation to The Hague to shape the future of this promising area in the city, together. The image is not a blueprint, but the result of a whole series of small and large steps in the time, which contribute to the creation of value. Motto: “start tomorrow”.