More quality, less expansions

Municipality of Stede Broec aims to further develop the Streekhof, a large regional shopping mall in a small town, into a sustainable, attractive town centre.


    Developing an attractive centre

    The Streekhof is regionally known as a comfortable, attractive shopping mall with a broad mix of shops and good parking. Years ago, the municipality had the ambition to significantly expand the Streekhof. Times have changed, however. The ambition has shifted into a qualitative expansion that contributes to an attractive town centre for the long term.


    Opinion of the market

    Urhahn sought cooperation on this project with Peter Oussoren (Tenman) and Ronald van Velzen (City Works). The first step was a market consultation. Developers, investors, retailers and council members were asked how they see the market. This was done through interviews and in a workshop with shopkeepers and councilors. This has led to a tightened ambition: more quality, less additional m2.


    Urban vision and development competition

    The new ambition is translated into an urban vision. A vision with a limited expansion, a nice completion of the mall, good parking, additional functions and a car-free village square. This vision is the basis for a development competition that starts in the coming months. Interested parties are challenged to achieve an attractive proposal (ambition and offer). Urhahn is working on the plans for public space.