How promising is an IBA for the Schiphol region?

The high economical dynamics in the Schiphol region are sometimes conflicting with livability and quality of life in the urban areas. Time to investigate the feasibility of an innovative planning tool like the International Building Exhibition (IBA).

The municipalities of Haarlemmermeer and Amsterdam commissioned Urhahn to explore the opportunities of the (german) planning tool IBA for the Schiphol region. The concept of the IBA has proven itself more than once in the German history. An IBA turns out to be much more than just an exhibition: it represents long term commitment and a structural quality improvement in areas. It is a method that generates major private investments with relatively small public budgets.


Urhahn analyses the factors of success and failure of some German IBA’s, before exploring promising theme’s and models for the Schiphol region.  This contributes to the decision whether or not, and how, to continue the initiative.


News item published: 01-03-2015