Philosophy of the spontaneous city

In support of openness, flexibility and surprise in urban design

Urhahn advocates the spontaneous city. This concept is rooted in the idea that the city is made with and for its residents. A city must create scope for unexpected (organic) developments, opportunities that present themselves, users that appear, and a wide range of initiatives.


Space for change forms the basis of a sustainable and attractive city. This applies not only to the planning process but also to the completed project. In our plans we always seek a balance between what must be fixed and where you need to create flexibility for users. We prefer to determine this in consultation with (future) users. That is the spontaneous city!


New forms of area development on the horizon

The days of huge growth are behind us. Nonetheless we remain optimistic, because all around us we see forms of area development appearing. More and more residents, entrepreneurs and collectives are working to improve our everyday surroundings. Local authorities and property developers are also rapidly redefining their roles. New perspectives come together to create the ‘spontaneous city’. A city built on initiative, Dutch mercantile mentality and public ambitions.