700 projects in 30 years

An overview of all Urhahn projects

The list below shows all Urhahn’s commissions since the establishment of the office in 1991, in order of completion (until January 2021).

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Toekomstbeeld Bergse binnenstad – vision for the town centre
Langetermijnperspectief  Almelo – urban vision
Spelregels voor bewegen in Eindhoven – legal framework 
Perspectief op de Oostflank van de binnenstad van Breda – vision for the town centre
>Ruimtelijk economische visie Assen – spatial economical vision
Ouder-Amstel Werkstad OverAmstel Business Park – supervisie
Grenzeloos Dijk & Waard (Heerhugowaard-Langedijk) – area vision
Kindvriendelijke stad – research for the Bernard van Leer foundation
Visie Westdijk, havens Broekhorn & Broek op Langedijk – area vision


Het nieuwe alledaags, ruimte na corona – research
Amsterdam Storkterrein – urban design
Vlaardingen town centre – area vision
Assen – vision for the town centre
Ouder-Amstel Amstel Business Park
Apeldoorn – inviting public space
Deventer Zandweerd – follow-up and participation for urban development
Assen Harbour District – urban layout for housing impulse
s-Hertogenbosch Oost Bastion plot – urban framework plan
Utrecht former Pieter Baan Centrum – urban framework plan
Amersfoort De Brand – vision and urban design sketch
Dijk & Waard – urban vision for the planned fusion of municipalities Heerhugowaard & Langedijk
Leidschendam-Overgoo – urban framework plan
Naarden Naarderheem – intervision for the development of nursing home
Drechterland, Stede Broec and Enkhuizen – Strategy on Spatial Planning and the Environment
Child friendly city – research for Bernard van Leerstichting
Zoetermeer – Strategy on Spatial Planning and the Environment, part 2
Woerden Middelland – supervision of initiatives
Amersfoort De Hoef – development scenarios Hoefkwartier
Dijk en Waard – Vision for the Westdijk, marinas Broekhorn and Broek op Langedijk
Zeist Vollenhove – urban design vision
Leiden Transvaal – urban design sketch
Ede centrum – improvement of the centre vision and image quality
Alkmaar Viaanse Molen – development strategy for the transformation of an urban area of employment

Utrecht A12-zone – development perspective
Ede Strategy on Spatial Planning and the Environment – survey on future development scenarios
Amsterdam KIT – development strategy for the renovation
s-Hertogenbosch Station Oost – Ambition document
Purmerend Wheermolen – follow up of the development vision and parking studies
Leiderdorp Baanderij – urban design vision
Middenbeemster – development vision
Hoofddorp town centre, council hall and surrounding – urban framework plan
Atelier Oostflank MRA – a perspective on the area between Amsterdam east and Almere
Amsterdam Bay Area – development framework for the blue heart of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area
Werkplaats Almere Centrum – urban design vision as part of the Atelier Oostflank MRA
Werkplaats Almere Toekomstbestendige Stad – urban design vision as part of the Atelier Oostflank MRA
Medemblik – ctown centre vision and image quality
Noord-Hollandse dorpsranden – assessment framework for initiatives
Hoorn town hall – investigation for possible locations
‘Omgevingsagenda’s’ (Strategy on Spatial Planning and the Environment) for a few regions in the Nederlands
Stede Broec – finalizing the urban designs for the shopping centre Streekhof and supervision
Amsterdam Surinameplein – urban design vision
Zuidoostbeemster – development framwork
Haarlem Stationsgebied – integral vision for the station area
Dietinchem – spatial Strategy on Spatial Planning and the Environment
Amstelveen Oude Dorp – urban design vision for the old village
Vlaardingen Rivieroever – development framework
Dashboard verstedelijking – scenarios for the regions of Eindhoven and Rotterdam-The Hague
Amsterdam INIT – first fase concept development
Ouder-Amstel Amstel Business Park en Entrada – supervisie
Ommen Haven Oost – uitwerking ontwikkelvisie transformatie
Omgevingsagenda (Strategy on Spatial Planning and the Environment) East-Netherlands
Amsterdam Hamerkanaal – workshop ‘operation Dirk’
Festival Stad – organization of conference on urban transformations

Deventer Zandweerd – follow up of the urban design
Eindhoven Vredeoord – concept development and feasibility study for the VB-building
Leeuwarden Heechterp – urban design vision

Amsterdam Meervaart – location survey for the new theatre
Amsterdam Storkterrein – urban design
Rotterdam Hoogvliet – development strategy
Further development of the Dashboard for Urbanisation – CRA
Hoofddorp Binnenweg – mass study and urban layout proposal
Amsterdam Van der Kunbuurt – urban design
The Hague on 2 wheels – contribution to the exhibition ‘mobility, not less but different’
Leiderdorp Baanderij – scenarios for transformation of the urban area of employment

Fix the City Mix – own initiative for research into obstacles for functional mix
Amsterdam Oostenburg – continuation of the work for the urban design and public space design
Zoetermeer – Omgevingsvisie (Strategy on Spatial Planning and the Environment)
Lelystad – urban framework plan and course document
Amsterdam Dichtersbuurt – stedenbouwkundig plan
Zeist Vollenhove – workshops, opportunities and ambitions
Amsterdam Knowledge mile – area vision for housing around the Wibautstraat
Zwolle Weezenlanden – urban design and image quality
Woerden Middelland – urban design rules and supervision initiatives
Hoofddorp Town Centre – ambition document
Amersfoort Trapezium – assumptions
Amsterdam Jan de Louterstraat – urban design variants
Purmerend Wheermolen Oost – work up of the different areas
Amersfoort De Hoef stationsgebied – development plan
Amsterdam Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen – development framework
Eindhoven – activity scan
Delft Station Campus (Zuid) – urban design vision De Strip Tanthofdreef
Alternative funding for urbanization
Ouder-Amstel Amstel Business Park – development framework
Ouder-Amstel – development framework Entrada
Aalst (Waalre) village centre – vision
Utrecht A12-zone – development perspective
Woerden Middelland – development framework
Antwerpen – Activity scan
Hoorn Station Area – deepening of the spatial-programmatic vision Poort van Hoorn
Leidschendam-Voorburg Overgoo – development vision
Wageningen Olympiahal en omgeving – vision
Lelystad – thematic research for the ‘omgevingsvisie’
Leusden Princenhof – vision Kastanjelaan
Arnhem CIOS – organisation workshop for the Vital City
Alphen aan den Rijn Rijnhaven – development vision
Rijssen-Holten – profile and ambition
Zaanstad Poelenburg East – urban design
Enschede Radialen – implementation agenda
Groningen Martini Trade Park – vision
Amsterdam Parnas – development options
Twente Technology Base – support for the development framework
Hoorn – the Future of Hoorn
Havenstad-ZaanIJ – Ateliers urbanisation models and infrastructure
Delft Zuid stationsomgeving – urban design assessment

Deventer Zandweerd – urban design
Purmerend Wheermolen Oost – vision, urban design and plinth study
Bladel – centre vision
Amsterdam Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen – feasability study
Amsterdam Oostenburg – public space design
Alkmaar Oudorp – development vision
Ouder-Amstel Amstel Business Park – supervision
Amsterdam Surinameplein – programmatic and spatial models
Hoofddorp Stadscentrum – urban design and image quality
Common City: Urhahn initiative for research into the social aspects of living in high density areas
Voorburg-Leidschendam – various urban design advice
Harderwijk VSE-locatie – spatian assessment
Eindhoven VDMA – urban design concept
Rotterdam Bospolder-Tussendijken – energy transition in a social inclusive way
Noord-Holland Noord – research into urbanisation opportunities
Fort Uithoorn – urban design sketch
Diemen stationsomgeving – urban design survey
Ede Centrum – concretising the image quality plan
Gebiedsagenda Oost Nederland – design research
Zaanstad Poelenburg East – urban design
Hoofddorp Centraal – supervision initiatives
Utrecht Lauwerecht – discussion document
MIRT-U Ned (development region Utrecht) – organisation workshops
Amsterdam Van der Kunbuurt – assessment mass study
Monnickendam Galgeriet – urban design and image quality
UMC – update development perspective
Groningen ALO-location – spatial models
Katwijk Omgevingsvisie
Dashboard Verstedelijking – CRA
Lelystad – strategic vision
Amsterdam Dichtersbuurt – starting points for redevelopment
Amsterdam Partijlijnen – imagination for the GroenLinks spatial programme

Stede Broec – urban design and image quality shopping mall Streekhof
Amsterdam Oostenburg – building envelopes
Design workshops for external safety design
Utrecht Science Park – spatial model for meeting places
Amersfoort De Hoef stationsgebied – vision
Breda CSM-locatie – imagination of the development strategy
Utrecht UMC – vision
Stede Broec – various urban design advice
Ede Centrum – image quality plan
Leusden – intervisor Princenhof/Ruige veld/Speelkamp
Gouda Goudse Poort – market perspective and development strategy
Amsterdam Nieuwenhuysenbuurt – mass study
Doetinchem De Veentjes – vision
Almere Centrum stationsgebied – area concept
Zaanstad Poelenburg aan de Watering – vision and starting points for development
Publicatie: ‘The Active City’
Woerden Middelland – development vision
Eindhoven Centraal – area concept for the town centre
Hoofddorp – development plan for the town centrre
Hoofddorp Centraal – elaboration of the route and the development plan for Beukenhorst West
MRDH (Metropoolregio Rotterdam-Den Haag) – research
Amsterdam Hamerstraat / Storkterrein –mass study
Utrecht Lauwerecht – urban design study
Stede Broec Streekbos – development framework
Regio Noordoost Brabant – vision
Den Haag Maanweg – studie en verbeelding ontwikkeling HTM kavel
Amsterdam Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen – ontwikkelingsvisie
Regio Alkmaar Omgevingsbeeld
Regio Alkmaar – workshops
Uithoorn Fort – spatial-programmatic study
Tilburg binnenstad – economic-spatial vision for the town centre
Noord-Holland Noord – regional viision for the Greenport
Naarden Passantenhaven – vision
Lelystad Airport Garden City – plot rules
Ouderamstel Amstel Business Park – spatial economic vision
Katwijk – start document for the environmental vision
Rijsenhout – spatial economic vision
Amersfoort De Hoef – mass study Lichtpenweg
Amstelveen Stadshart – spatial framework
Den Haag Binckhaven – vision
Amersfoort De Hoef – structure vision
Amsterdam Van der Kunbuurt – mass study
Medemblik DEK-terrein – vision and urban design


Groningen Herestraat / Hereweg – vision for the enhancement of the livability for the inner city
Southern Randstad – urbanization agenda
Katwijk Valkenburg – testing the initiative Unmanned Valley to the master plan
Noordwijk De Grent – transformation strategy
Amersfoort Trapezium – master plan
Katwijk Valkenburg – development framework Werkpark
Stede Broec Zuidwest – vision and assessment framework
Tilburg City Centre – spatial and economic vision for the inner city of the 21st century
Tilburg Eastern Railway Zone – area concept
Maarssen Planetenbaan – opportunities map
Ouder-Amstel Zuidpark – spatial assessment and vision
Mijdrecht station area – urban elaboration
Langedijk – contribution to the vision ‘Langedijk develops with water’
Almere Oosterwold – conribution to the evaluation of the pilot phase

Woerden Middelland – opportunities and development scenarios

The Hague – plot ambition Maanweg
Amsterdam Slotermeer – research into the approach for some residential blocks
Utrecht Overvecht – densification study and vision on the transformation
Amsterdam Oostenburg – image quality plan
Amsterdam Oostenburg – spatial framework plan
Lelystad Airport Garden City – general layout plan
Eindhoven VDMA-location – spatial contribution vision
Lelystad Airport Business Park – detailed urban plan for the public space framework of area 1.2
Strength of Brabantstad in relation to the Spatial-Economic Development Strategy (REOS)
Doetinchem – design workshop centre approach
Houten Molenzoom – opportunities map
Westfriesland – structure plan
Hoofddorp Central – layout plan and development strategy
Katwijk Valkenburg – development framework Mient Kooltuin
Hoofddorp – urban design study for a new location for the Town Hall
Detailing of the Spatial-Economic Development Strategy (REOS)
Naarden Amersfoortsestraatweg – image quality plan
Hoorn – vision for the city centre
Almelo Indië – supervision
Stede Broec – urban design shopping mall Streekhof
Volendam Lange Weeren – vision, zoning plan and exploitation plan
Ouder-Amstel Amstel Business Park – public space design for pocket parks
Eindhoven station area – curator of workshops
Lelystad Airport Business Park – detailed urban plan for the hotel plot
Westfriesland – curator of workshops on water
Langedijk Breekland II – study for alternatives
Almere Wind mills – research into the border between residential areas and the possibility for wind mills
Amsterdam Oostenburg – circular economy
Amsterdam South Axis – contribution design lab for the Architecture Centre Amsterdam
Amsterdam Oostenburg – masterplan public space
Monnickendam Galgeriet – strategic advise for a town centre area of employment
Emmen former zoo – inspiration and development framework
Zaanstad – vision 2040
Emmen city centre – supervision of the renewal


Strategy indicator for urban transformation – research
Alkmaar Voltastraat – analysis and options
Aalsmeer Uiterweg – development opportunities
Amsterdam Oostenburg – urban layout plan
Utrecht Science Park – environments for interaction (for the REOS – Spatial-Economic Development Strategy)
Hoorn – neighbourhood visions
Vision for the development of urban environments for interaction of knowledge workers (REOS)
IJssel-Vecht Delta – strategy water safety and climate resistance
Research into added value of connecting water and MIRT
Assessment framework redevelopment strategies for available national real estate
Utrecht Merwedekanaalzone – development framework
North Sea Canal Area – drawing up monitor area intensification for the North Sea Canal Area
Amsterdam Draka terrain – vision
Westfriesland areas of employment – realisation strategy
Naarden Amersfoortsestraatweg – participation process and vision
Katwijk Locatie Valkenburg – detailed plans for the development strategy
Schiphol region – quickscan IBA
Hoofddorp open planproces – contribution to workshops
Amsterdam Vuurtoreneiland – spatial support for the framework plan
Amstelveen Stadshart – various works for the vision
Region Holland-Rijnland – interactive map biobased economy


Nieuwpoort – extension plan for the marina
Noord-Holland woonmilieus – guide for the transformation of existing residential areas
Amsterdam Gezond Ingerichte Stad – contribution to the workshops
Arnhem Zuidelijke Binnenstad – drawing up the projectdescription
Katwijk Locatie Valkenburg – development strategy
Eindhoven Strijp-T – sustainable development strategy
Eindhoven Space-S – public space design
Beijing Qinghe Station – work week TOD
Brabantstad – workshop adaptive programme
Klimaatbestendige Stad (‘climate proof cities’) – Meekoppelmetro (connecting system for projects)
Klimaatbestendige Stad (‘climate proof cities’) – Instrumentarium
Stede Broec – market consultation shopping mall Streekhof
West-Friesland – needs assessment for business sites
The Hague Binckhorst – vision north west quarter
Stede Broec Het Voert – urban design survey
Amsterdam Oostenburg – spatial contribution for the zoning plan
Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge – contribution to the Amsterdam concept (finalist)
Noordzeekanaalgebied – wind potential in the North Sea Canal Area
Amstelveen – work book revision Tracébesluit A9
Bloemendaal Hendrik van der Graaflaan – assessment rooftop extension
The Hague Binckhaven – Urbanisator
Maarssen Planetenbaan – inspiration for transformation


Almelo Indië – supervision
Visualisations support for APPM
Delta programme – practice locations climate-proof cities
Stadsregio Amsterdam – visualisation of the future public transport system A9
Hoorn – development concept for recreational homes on water
Utrecht Cartesius – development vision
Eindhoven Space-S – urban design
Noordzeekanaalgebied – vision 2040
Maassluis Kapelpolder – feasibility study for redevelopment
Arnhem Rijnboog – spatial principles
Amsterdam Zeeburgerpad – vision and design rules
Amsterdam Slotermeer – urban design Airey strip
Zaanstad Poelenburg – vision op on renovation of the apartment buildings
Amsterdam Plantagebuurt – area vision new style
Hasselt – water plan
Arnhem Nieuwstraat – development strategy
Amsterdam Oostenburg – work up of the development plan
Utrecht Kruisvaartkade – development framework
Washington Barry Farm – urban renewal plan (invited competition)
Amsterdam Oostelijke Eilanden – area vision new style
Emmen Bargermeer – Urbanisator
Amstelveen – alternative for an A9 tunnel
Twente Netwerkstad – workshops development programme Network City
Groningen Corpus Den Hoorn – Urbanisator
Regio Holland Rijnland – investment programme public transport network
Veldhoven – development programme for the centre
Heerlen MijnSpoor – vision (invited competition)
Noordzeekanaalgebied – perspectives 2040
Langedijk – integrating the N504
Papendrecht Rembrandtlaan – quick scan development opportunities
Tiel Westluidensepoort – support for the tender procedure
Langedijk – vision for the linear town


Oaxaca Puente IV-Centenario – 2e fase design of the bridges and solution for the traffic
Stadsregio Amsterdam – impression Amstelveenlijn Beneluxbaan
Rotterdam Alexandrium – – urban integration of the shopping mall
Zaanstad Poelenburg – supervision
Regio Holland Rijnland – investment programme bicycle network
Oaxaca Puente IV-Centenario – urban design for of 2 bridges and park
Designing the Spontaneous City – research in co-production with PBL
Delft Spoorzone – ambition document
Halfweg town centre – TFR assist perspectives
Rijswijk Prinses Beatrixlaan – vision
Bussum Crailo – strategies for development
Hoogeveen Mauritsplein – urban design
Amsterdam Zuidoost – Improvement plan for the markets
Delft Schieoevers – various advise for the Kabeldistrict
Huzhou Tulip park – urban design advise
The Hague Robertaland – scenarios for urban regeneration
Schiphol Areas of Employment – development strategy REVS
IABR – Upload Eindhoven
Shenyang Blue Sea Manrong Changbai – contribution to urban design concept and landmark
Zaanstad Bannehof – workshop programmatic possibilities
Eindhoven Brainport Region – research urban agenda
Amstelveen Stadshart – advise for structure vision
Oaxaca Rio Atoyac – vision and master plan
Amsterdam Oostenburg – work book for the development
Den Helder Gemini hospital – TFR assist vision redevelopment
Hoogeveen – vision on housing in the centre
Stadsregio Amsterdam – impression Amstelveenlijn
Aalsmeer Hornmeer – master plan
Utrecht 2e Daalsedijk & Cartesiusdriehoek – design research organic development
The Hague Binckhorst – Binckubator, a joint approach
Vlissingen-Den Helder – organization of workshop
A4 zone west – advise on eye catcher
Shenyang Shen Fu – master plan
Delft Spoorzone – strategic advice on the urban design


Alphen aan den Rijn – work up of the structure vision
Arnhem Zuidelijke Binnenstad – spatial assessment
Tiel Westluidensepoort – ambitions document for tender procedures
Oaxaca – diagnosis for the city
Arnhem Nieuwstraat e.o. – urban design
Shenyang Movie Town Xiu Lake – urban design sketches
Antwerp Emiel Vloorstraat – regeneration of a working area (invited competition)
Zaanstad Schildersbuurt – spatial vision & community planning
Schiphol Oost – masterplan Aerospace Exchange 2010-2015
Amsterdam Amstel III – Urbanisator, a development instrument for transformation
Amstelveen A9 zone – sketch book for alternatives of the highway tunnel
Oaxaca – organization concerning the content of a forum on public value
Shenyang Hunhe River – contribution to competition entry
Regio Holland Rijnland – quick scan public transport models
Leiden inner city – vision on the accessibility
Ningbo CiXi Xin Tang District Block – masterplan (invited competition)
Amsterdam Oostenburg – sketch masterplan (winning design invited competition)
Haarlem Harloheim – competition
Shenyang Citizen Square – urban design (invited competition)
Alkmaar Overstad – detailing of plots and parts of the masterplan
Shenyang Hunnan Baita River – Masterplan
Leiden – Quickscan urban and economical dynamics RijnGouwelijn
Shenyang Hunnan – advise green structure and central square
Uden Kastanjetuin – detailed urban design
Leiden – visualisation accessibility
Amstelveen Zone A9 – support of project organization area vision
Haarlem Bavodorp – urban design analysis and recommendations
Amsterdam Oost – visualisation participation vision
Delft Spoorzone – redefinition of the Masterplan
Harbin He Jia River – Masterplan
Amsterdam Slotermeer – vision and spatial models Aireystrook
Zaanstad Station Koog-Zaandijk – vision junction development & railway crossing
Hasselt Noord – Open Oproep Vision Kempische Poort (invited competition)
Shenyang Puhe River – Masterplan
Leiden inner city – assessment traffic circulation


Delft Schieoevers – transformation strategy Kabel district
Tiel Westluidensepoort – location concept for a cultural cluster
Almelo Indië – public space design
The Hague Binckhorst – development framework
The Spontaneous City – Publication
Alkmaar Overstad – structure plan (in association with West-8)
London Croydon – masterplan Wellesley Road & Park Lane
De Wolden – urban design for Neuzendijk Ruinen
A4 zone west – concept development plan (invited competition)
Harderwijk Stationsgebied – structure vision
Ouder-Amstel – scenarios for De Nieuwe Kern
Uden Kastanjetuin – feasibility study
Alphen aan den Rijn – workshops for a structure vision
Utrecht Overvecht – detailing of future vision and supplementary design guidance
Shenyang Hunnan – vision on the master plan (invited competition)
Amsterdam Cruquius – competition entry ‘Freehaven Cruquius’
Uden Kastanjeweg Oost – structure vision
Arnhem Nieuwstraat e.o. – inspiring vision (winning design invited competition)
Amstelveen Zone A9 – area vision
Amsterdam Riekerhaven – spatial and programmatic concept
Eindhoven Region – inspiration for housing polocy document
Province of Zuid-Holland – inspiring vision staande mastroute (recreational sailing route)
Amstelveen Piet Heijnschool – study for otions
Zandvoort Sandevoerde – sketch urban design
Tilburg Paletplein – study
Hoofddorp ‘De Groene Hoek’ – investigation of conditions for development
Amsterdam Overtoomseveld Zuid – detailed urban design Spoorstrook Zuid XL
Arnhem Rijnboog Havenkwartier – urban design
The Hague Binckhorst – location study for an industrial building
Arnhem Rijnboog – supplementary design guidance


The Hague Binckhorst – integral development plan
De Wolden – optimalisation of the urban design for Neuzendijk Ruinen
Arnhem Rijnboog – urban survey for the Oeverstraat
Amsterdam Indische Buurt Zuidoostkwadrant – development scenarios
Willemstad (Curacao) Scharloo – contribution to the structure plan
Amsterdam Noordoostelijke IJ-oevers – ‘Noorderveld’ (contribution to the Biennale 2009)
Aalst Siesegem – study for the Masterplan (invited competition Vlaams Bouwmeester)
Antwerp Jos van Geellaan – concept for Masterplan (invited competition)
Amsterdam Nieuw West – vision Jan Evertsenstraat and design for entrepreneurs spaces
Tynaarlo Oude Tolweg Zuidlaren – urban lay out plan, public realm design and supervision
Gouda Goudse Poort – competition entry for transformation of an industrial area
The Hague Binckhorst – study for catalysts
Rotterdam Stadshavens – quick scan ‘metro communities’
Almelo Indië – development plan for an industrial area transformation
Hamburg – input for a masterclass
Zaanstad Poelenburg – urban design
Amsterdam Slotermeer Noord, Zuid en Noordoever – urban renewal plan
Arnhem Rijnstraat – investigation for development of the Blikken Bioscoop location
Zaanstad aan het IJ – exploration and inspiring perspective
London Croydon – design concept for Wellesley Road and Park Lane (winner design competition)
Hoofddorp De Hoek – supplementary design guidance and public realm
Zaanstad Bloemstraat – urban design
Arnhem Rijnboog Havenkwartier – study for otions for the harbour area
Amsterdam Indische Buurt Zuidoostkwadrant – investigation for a Community Centre
Utrecht Kruisvaertkade – urban design and public space design
Amsterdam Noordoever Sloterplas – visualisation of the ambitions
Amstelveen A9 Zone – scenarios for development around the A9 highway
Amsterdam Slotervaart – investigation Westland
Arnhem Coehoorn Noordoost – optimalisation of the plan concept
Zoetermeer Boerhaavelaan – urban design
Zaanstad Cypressehout 100 – supplementary design guidance and prelininary public space design
Amsterdam – workshop ‘Denkbare Stad’
South London – housing intensification study in seven town centres
Almere Hout Noord – Masterplan (invited competition)
Tynaarlo Oude Tolweg Zuidlaren – Masterplan
Amsterdam Muiderpoort Noord – investigation for small scale industrial spaces
Heemskerk De Velst – sketch urban design (invited competition)
Amsterdam Indische Buurt – spatial ambition for the south east area


Alkmaar Overstad – urban design (winner European tender procedure)
De Wolden – concept urban design Neuzendijk Ruinen
Den Haag Binckhorst – intensification studies and design investigation for the south area
Zaanstad aan het IJ – inspiring presentation to Zaanstad City Council
Hoofddorp De Hoek – Masterplan
Almelo De Velden – 1st fase of development of the Indie terrain
Dordrecht Zuidpolder – housing study
Copenhagen Nordhavnen – Water Republic (competition entry)
Delft Schieoevers – development strategy for the Blauw area
Amsterdam Overtoomse Veld Zuid – urban design vision for Spoorstrook Zuid XL
London Barking William Street Quarter – public realm design
Tiel Stationsgebied – mass study for section A
Arnhem Rijnboog Coehoorn NO – design investigation for development possibilities
Dordrecht Binnenstad – programmatic scenarios
Rijswijk Bomenbuurt – planning vision (invited competition)
Hoofddorp West – planning vision
Arnhem Rijnboog – help desk
Bedford station quarter – urban development vision
Amsterdam WaterRepublic – exploration for a water transport system
De Wolden – urban framework plan Neuzendijk Ruinen
Flevoland Markermeer-IJmeer – visualisation of a sustainable ecological system
London Barking William Street Quarter – Masterplan
Amstelveen-Amsterdam Zuidoost – development scenarios around the A9 highway
Arnhem Spijkerbroek – planning vision
Genk – Masterplan Groot Sledderlo (invited competition)
Zaanstad Cypressehout 100 – urban design
Rijswijk Gijnstraat/Frijdastraat – urban design investigation
Schiphol Elzenhof & Badhoevedorp Zuid – vision for office environments
Almere Poort – investment strategy for a location along the beach


Almelo ‘Parkstad’ – vitalization of the city’s green character
Haarlem Connexxiongebied Leidsevaart – urban design for an open tender
Rijswijk Havenkwartier – urban framework plan
Spontaneous City – investigation how greater influence can be exercised by users of the city
Noordzeekanaalgebied – planning vision ‘Vergezicht 2040’
Peterborough Station Quarter – development brief
Stadsregio Rotterdam ‘oeverboek’ – vision for the Rotterdam waterfront developments
Rotterdam ‘Living City’ – spatial plan and vision Ahoy-area
Rijswijk location Productschap Vlees en Vis – design guidelines
Amsterdam Arena-Duivendrecht – urban design vision
Arnhem Rijnboog Paradijs – location study
Arnhem Rijnboog De Krul – design exploration for a pedestrian route
Badhoevedorp – sketches for a planning vision
Amersfoort – competition entry pavilion BOEK750
Arnhem Rijnboog Havenkwartier – 3 designs for the Preferendum
Amsterdam Heesterveld – competition entry ‘Heesterveld zoekt bewoners’
Deltawonen – from quality to perspectives for taking action
Rijswijk parkeergarage Plaspoelpolder – spatial and programmatic models for a plot of land
Zwolle Voorsterpoort – urban planning vision / Masterplan
Amsterdam Venserpolder – design for enterprise zone with self-building projects
Stedelijke woonmilieus – urban residential districts: inspiration and information
Blaricummermeent – urban layout plan (invited competition)
Symposium urban designers and integration
Amsterdam Zuidoost – competition entry for the temporary use of a built parking facility
Arnhem Rijnboog – plan book


Amsterdam Venserpolder – planning vision
Schiedam Groenoord Zuid en Midden – urban layout plan
Amsterdam: La Gamma Colori – realisation of a mixed use building in co production with the users
Utrecht Kruisvaertkade – urban design investigation
Arnhem Rijnboog – optimalisation of the Masterplan
Veghel Buiten – planning vision (invited competition)
Zwolle Voorsterpoort Oost – planning vision
The Rhythm of the City – investigation of the characterizations of urbanity
Industry in the City – typological and functional research for intensification and functional mix
Arnhem Rijnboog Rijksgebouwen – design research
Naarden Ravelijn – feasibility study
Tilburg Fabriekskwartier – urban design
Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth – urban renewal plan
Rijswijk Landtong – functional investigation and design studies
Tiel Stationskwartier – development plan
Salford Pendleton – Area Action Plan
Aalsmeer Plassengebied – pilot study for site transformation
Rotterdam Zomerhofkwartier – development plan


Almere Hout, Rekenen en Tekenen – innovation study, catalogue of examples
Rijswijk Plaspoelpolder – planning vision and business park transformation
Rotterdam Stadsregio Landelijk Wonen – extension project housing policy document
Ruimte voor Ruimte – quality framework and supervision
Zwolle Hanzenland – urban layout plan
Wien Flugfeld Aspern – Masterplan (invited competition)
Schiphol ‘Vlekkenplan’ – contribution to a strategic framework
London Wembley – spatial scenarios for a city block
Schiedam Nieuwe Damlaan – strategic vision
Almelo Indië – urban design concept for an industrial area transformation
Hoofddorp West – planning vision & housing environment study
Zeist Vogelwijk – detailed urban plan
North London Town Centre Enhancement – intensification study and design proposals
Alkmaar Schelphoek – Masterplan
Halfweg-Zwanenburg – planning vision
Rotterdam Pompenburg – urban design investigation
Amersfoort Nederberg – planning vision
Rotterdam Stadsregio Pakhuizen & Uitzicht – extension project housing policy document
Amsterdam Indische buurt – planning vision for urban renewal
Amersfoort Woonvisie – local housing strategy document


NS Helpdesk – consultation, urban design and regional visions
Den Haag Stationsbuurt HS – planning vision
Utrecht-Zeist A12-zone – regional vision
Luxembourg Porte de Hollerich – planning vision (invited competition)
Co-producent in de Zuidvleugel – essay
Lelystad Schouw Oost – urban design vision
Blaricummmermeent – spatial strategy (invited tender)
Metropopenstudie – research on metropolitan environments
Zuiderzeelijn Ontwikkelingsperspectieven – Masterplan and development scenarios
Spontaneous City – research proposal, planning vision
Leiden Groenoordhallengebied – urban design investigation
Leerdam Stationsweg Fase 1 – typological study
Flevoland Kaarten Contourennota – regional plan
Arnhem Rijnboog – Masterplan
Amsterdam Het Schouw Oost – urban design and service concept
Amsterdam Zuidelijk Veld Kolenkitbuurt – detailed urban design
Schiedam Schieveste-station-binnenstad – strategic vision
Bunnik-Houten-Werkhoven – study analysis and spatial scenarios
Antwerpen Eilandje – water plan and programmatic study
Amsterdam Ringspoorzone Kolenkitbuurt – detailed urban plan
Flevoland Toekomstperspectieven – regional planning vision
Utrecht Utopia Workshops – design study
Duivendrecht stationsomgeving – preliminary strategic planning scenario
Alkmaar Schelphoek – concept Masterplan


Anpin e-wharf Taiwan – competition entry
Haarlem 023 – Masterplan
Velsen NAM terrein – preliminary urban design
Vught Johan Frisolaan – urban layout proposal
Zeist Vogelwijk – urban renewal plan
Amsterdam Noord – feasibility study SS-Norway
Amsterdam Buurtfabriek Ruimzicht – urban framework plan and typological study
Almere Flevo Perspectieven – contribution to the Regional Action Plan
Amsterdam Overtoomse Veld – urban framework plan
Almere Buiten Oost 3KNS – development plan and example book
Luxury housing in the Dutch Delta Metropolis South – publication
Amsterdam Het Schouw – urban design
Zuiderzeelijn Prospects – Masterplan phase 1
Den Helder Stadshart – preliminary study for the Masterplan
Emscher Lippe Region – competition entry
Heerlen Meezenbroek, Schaesbergerveld en Palemig – Masterplan
Rotterdam Stadsregio – housing policy document
Rozendaal, locatie Rhedens Lyceum – scenarios and building typologies
Wonen à la carte – publication
Leiden Groenoorhallen – preliminary design
Amsterdam Jeruzalem – urban renewal plan (invited competition)
Alkmaar Schelphoek – development strategy
Amsterdam Bellamybuurt – planning vision and public space plan


Den Haag Kalvermarkt – design study for an inner-city block
Amsterdam Noordzijde Oosterdokseiland – urban design and public space design
Rotterdam Zuidplein – development scenarios
Amsterdam Kolenkitbuurt – urban renewal plan
Arnhem Rijnboog – concept Masterplan
Amsterdam Coen- en Vlothaven – urban design vision
Amsterdam AjaxCity – urban design investigation
Amsterdam ABN-Amro Rembrandtplein – conceptanalysis existing building
Waterford North Quays – urban plan (competition entry)
Ruimte voor Ruimte Kwaliteitskader – conceptual framework and analysis for rural housing
Amsterdam Entreegebied Paasheuvelweg – urban framework plan
Amsterdam Eenhoorn – plot study
Ruhrgebiet Impulse! – strategic Masterplan Emscher-Lippe region
Amsterdam Jan Toorop – visualisation and framework plan
Amsterdam Geuzenveld Zuid – urban design
Amersfoort Stadsentrees – analysis
Amsterdam Sportfondsenbad – urban design investigation
Amsterdam Sint Jacob – investigation of possibilities for revitalisation of a residential complex
Haaglanden – assessment of possibilities for consumer-friendly developments
Amsterdam Sloterplas Stadscentrum – study
Amsterdam GVB locatie – study for the transformation of an industrial area


Amsterdam Molenwijk – urban renewal plan
Kwaliteit Werklocaties – Dutch working areas research
De knoop voorbij – essay for publication “Leve(n)de Stad”
Legenda stads- en dorpsmilieus – classification report for urban environments
Delft Poptahof – urban survey to revitalise a post-war residential area
Haarlem Van Schalkwijk naar Schipholweg – preliminary urban design
Amsterdam Noordzijde Oosterdokseiland – sketch design for the Euronext-building
Amsterdam Westpoort – Masterplan for a data hotel
Enschede Boddenkamp – Urban design investigation Cobercoterrein e.o.
De Toekomst van het Wonen – contribution to a national exhibition ‘6,5 miljoen woningen’
Food Valley Region – competition entry E.O. Wijersprijsvraag (honourable mention)
Amsterdam IJdoornlaan – project investigation
Badhoevedorp dorpskern – planning vision
Amsterdam Amstel – design study for a multi purpose buiding ‘ Floating Space’
Amsterdam Het Schouw – urban design investigation
Amstelveen Bovenkerkerpolder – development scenarios
Amsterdam Overtoomse Veld “Jordaan van de 21e eeuw” – renewal plan
Amsterdam Chassébuurt – urban renewal plan
Noordpoort Drechtoevers – regional planning scenario
Amsterdam Mercatorpark – spatial and programmatic vision
Transforming Amsterdam, the Dutch way of redevelopment – exhibition & workshops in NYC
Amsterdam Confuciusplein – urban renewal plan and building typology
Woonmilieus en Stedelijke Vernieuwing Amersfoort – contribution to workshops on urban renewal
Amsterdam ABN-Amro Rembrandtplein – layout and programme for a prominent location
Amsterdam Delflandplein/Staalmanbuurt – development investigation


Amsterdam New Chinatown – spatial plan and programme
Almere Buiten Oost Stadsstrip – development plan
Lemmer-Delfzijl Kanaal – Masterplan for a 150 km long canal
Almere Woonvisie – contribution to the structure plan
Almere Zakencentrum – urban design exploration for a business centre near the station
Amsterdam Ligplaatsen Binnenvaart – water use plan
Huizen Holleblok – redevelopment vision
Amsterdam Noord Centrum – preliminary urban design and various studies
Almere Poort Euroquartier – design exploration
Diemen De Sniep – urban design scenarios
Amsterdam Floralocatie – urban design exploration
Amsterdam ABN-Amro Rembrandtplein – concept programme definition
Amsterdam ParkStad – revitalisation programme for the post-war garden cities of Amsterdam
Emscher Lippe Region NewPark – regional development strategy 4×4 (invited competition)
Zutphen – report on the skyline
Amsterdam Geuzenveld Zuid – urban design investigation
Leeuwarden Zuid – investigation of housing environments
Amsterdam Jan van Galengenerator – re-development (invited competition)
De woonwijk van de Toekomst – inspiration book for future neighbourhoods
Amsterdam De Eenhoorn – planning vision
Amsterdam Gein II – urban renewal plan
Wonen in de Deltametropool – publication
Amsterdam Eenhoorn – preliminary design


Amsterdam Nieuwendam Noord – urban renewal plan
Apeldoorn Woonmilieus – study on Urban environments
Corridor Amsterdam-Bedra-Venlo – ‘6 x Ontkoppeling’
Almere Hout – strategy ‘van centrum naar centraliteit’
Noord-Brabant – research on recreation and tourism
Amsterdam New Chinatown – study analysis Oosterdokseiland
Almere Hout, working in Almere – urban design vision
Amsterdam Schellingwoude – urban design investigation
Almere Zakencentrum – urban design
Amsterdam Westelijke Tuinsteden – workshops Vitale Stad
Almere Buiten Oost ‘Van Evenaar naar Parkway’ – urban design investigation
Apeldoorn Zuidbroek – issues report
Post War Housing – 20 options for re-use


Amsterdam Noordzijde Oosterdokseiland – study analysis for a location for the AEX stock exchange
Antwerpen Marina Willemdok – design for the marina and the public space
Utrecht Papendorp Transferium – study
Amsterdam New Chinatown – programmatic investigation
Amsterdam Noord – planning vision Waterlandplein
Gooi en Vechtstreek – contribution to the Area Action Plan
Almere Hout – investigation of possible environments
Amsterdam New Chinatown – preliminary urban design Oosterdokseiland
Amsterdam Noord Centrum – concept preliminary urban design


Milieutypen en Transformatie – Woonverkenningen MMXXX Wonen in 2030
Amsterdam Geuzenveld Buurt 9 – urban framework plan
Reisverslag van een expeditie langs twee netwerken – strategic examination
Amsterdam Noord Centrum – public space design
Amsterdam Nieuwendam Noord – planning vision
Urban Environments – international investigation part 1, Paris
Voorbeeldenstudie bedrijventerreinen – study on industrial sites
Amsterdam Polderweggebied – urban renewal study
Heerhugowaard Stationsgebied – urban renewal vision
Utrecht Kromhoutterrein – urban design vision


Amsterdam New Chinatown – urban design study for 2 locations
Amsterdam Geuzenveld Buurt 9 – urban design vision
Strategie voor Stedelijkheid – publication on urbanity
De consument van de ruimte – research for durable ure of space
Utrecht Talmalaan – redevelopment
Amersfoort noordzijde station – spatial and strategic principles
Amsterdam Amstelstation e.o. – renewal vision
Heerhugowaard Zuid – planning vision for the HAL hub


Amsterdam Westerdokseiland – density study
Hilversum – urbanisation possibilities 2005-2015
Den Haag Wateringse Veld – investigation of urban environments
Ruimte voor orde en chaos – exhibition on order and chaos
Amsterdam Houthavens – a vision on the developments
Stedelijke Milieus – research for the principles of urban environments


A Pattern Image, a typological tool for quality in urban planning – publication
Spijkenisse, meer dan de som der delen – urban design analysis
Amsterdam Osdorp – MAP Deelgebied 2
Almere Stadscentrum – urban design for the city centre (invited competition)
Interacties – investigation of the interaction between city and countryside
Milieudifferentiatie in de Randstad – environmental differentiation in the Randstad
Tilburg Moerenburg – urban plan for suburban housing


Amsterdam Centrum Amstel III – bottleneck analysis
Locaties aan Sporen – comparing analysis
Atlas of urban environments for VINEX-locations


Amsterdam Amstel I, II en Weespertrekvaart-Noord – issues report
Amsterdam Nieuw Oost (currently IJburg) – design for the urban space
Almere Stad – design study for the southern part of the city centre
Heerhugowaard-Alkmaar-Langedijk – urbanisation study
Amsterdam IJ-oevers – typologies for office buildings


Haarlemmermeer – concept for the renewal of the Area Action Plan Haarlemmermeer & Schiphol region
Amsterdam Centrum Amstel III – 4 scenarios
Amsterdam IJ-oevers – 4 studies for public space
Amsterdam Houthavens – water use plan