IABR ‘Making City’: Upload Eindhoven

In search of the most optimal match between supply and demand for reuse of industrial buildings


    Cat City

    Eindhoven is a ‘cat city’. You have to know where to go to uncover the special spots, the city doesn’t give away it’s identity very easily. Only once a year, during the Dutch Design Week, a visitor experiences the city’s fizz. For the 2012 IABR Biennal ‘Making City’ in the NAi Rotterdam, Eindhoven wanted to show in an interactive way what the city has to offer and where the city is created.


    Charging Pawn

    With EDHV, one of those creative companies from Eindhoven, Urhahn made the interactive application ‘Upload Eindhoven’. With Upload Eindhoven, any interested party can contribute to an urban Eindhoven, the heart of design and technology in the Brabant region. On the game board, the player charges a pawn with individual establishing requests, and ‘walks around’ Eindhoven to find the most optimal match between supply and demand. Upload Eindhoven focuses exclusively on sites with possibilities for reuse of industrial (heritage) buildings.



    From April to August 2012 ‘Upload Eindhoven’ was exhibited on the IABR in the NAI as part of the exhibition ‘Making City’. The data that is collected can be used by Eindhoven to find out what factors are important in creating creative environments.