Water plan Hasselt (BE)

How can the design and the programming of the water strengthen the property development around the harbour basins and vice versa?


    With the disappearing of the industrial functions around the dock of Hasselt opportunities arise for new urban programmes close to the historical centre.


    Opportunities for water usage and development of the city 

    The harbour of Hasselt protrudes from the Albertkanaal to the historical city centre. The surroundings of the harbour are currently transformed from industrial zone into an urban district. The design and programme of the water should complement this new environment and vice versa. Urhahn and Projectbureau Vrolijks were asked to set up a water plan to keep and design the nautical atmosphere and improve the relationship of the public space with the property development.


    Harbour and city come together

    Through the joint commissioning of the harbour authority and the municipality’s urban development department two interests are brought close together. The awareness that the common task is an opportunity for both parties, forms the basis of a series of workshops. The team Vrolijks-Urhahn have done several site visits and spoken to parties with an interest in and around the water. Hereby a common agenda has been set up. The conclusion was soon found that there is no space for all the desired programme. But by making smart use of the permanent and temporary spaces a desirable and effective format has come up. The space around the water is attractive and lively during all seasons.


    Attractive harbour

    With the determination of the Waterplan Hasselt the functional use of the water and the nautical atmosphere that evokes this come together with the design of the public space (bureau BUUR) and the property development. The harbour is redesigned in 2014. In 2015 and 2016 the water programme, public space and real estate will come to development.