A livable neighbourhood for everyone

Urban renewal plan for a disadvantaged neighbourhood that empowers the residents to develop themselves: Barry Farm Washington (DC, USA)


    Divided city

    Washington is a divided city: the east side of the Anacostia River is black. The disadvantage here is great: unemployment, poverty, poor living conditions, broken families. With the Go Dutch Consortium Urhahn worked on a plan for Barry Farm, a neighbourhood with a rich history and many residents without perspectives. The aim of the Go Dutch Consortium is to not only improve the neighbourhood physically, but also to enable the residents to develop themselves.


    Densification while maintaining the soul

    Through the interweaving of the physical, the economical and the social a plan is created in which the improvement of opportunities for the residents is the central goal. Through education, support and opportunities for entrepreneurship, the neighbourhood is a place where the current residents to grow and the new residents feel at home. By making good outdoor areas and small apartment buildings the soul of the neighbourhood is kept whilst density is increased. The current residents all have a right to return to a place where they can develop into full-fledged citizens of the neighborhood.



    Our solution was an entry in a multiple assignment, and was among the five selected plans. In the presentation to the neighbourhood, the plan was well received. Eventually another plan was chosen, but its implementation is now on hold.