Intensification or expansion of the port area?

Monitor of space intensification North Sea Canal Area offers the solution

Intensification is the leading theme in theVision North Sea Canal Area 2040, drafted by Urhahn. It shows how existing spatial qualities can be preserved whilst providing more space for development and thereby strengthening the international competitiveness of the metropolitan region of Amsterdam. To provide insight in the intensification for the coming years, Urhahn in association with Decisio developed the monitor and a baseline measurement.


Indicators for spatial development

To determine the right indicators for spatial development the pilot project IJmond-Zuid was selected. In a series of interviews with the Workgroup Space Intensification NZKG the most relevant indicators and methodology for a qualitative characterization of area’s were developed. The ideas were tested during a conference where many stakeholders from the region were present.


Strengthening metropolitan economy
The monitor and a baseline measurement  of IJmond-Zuid form the basis for the monitoring of the entire North Sea Canal area. Using the developed methodology, a periodic measurement can be carried out in an unambiguous way to see whether, why and how developments occur in the area. These insights enable the Governance Platform to make decisions to increase intensification or to allow expansion of the port area, providing space to strengthen the metropolitan economy.