Resident participation in Naarden

Towards a shared vision for the Amersfoortsestraatweg


    Urhahn is working on a vision for the Amersfoortsestraatweg in Naarden. We do this on behalf of the City of Naarden and in close collaboration with the well-organized residents, entrepreneurs and visitors in and around the area. User participation is the key to a broad support of the vision.


    Lack of cohesion

    The area between the roundabout on the Godelindeweg and bridge at the Fortress is highly dynamic but also incoherent. The dynamics is due mainly to the regional functions in the area like sports, health care institutions and a thriving supermarket, but the relationship between these functions is missing. The area looks messy and at peak times the car dominates the view. Now a number of real estate developments appear that could realize a improvement of the spatial quality.


    The role of Urhahn

    The vision will be the guiding compass for development in the coming years. Urhahn works together with Hans Karssenberg (STIPO) to shape the contents of the vision. Residents, users and other stakeholders are closely involved and with the use of big inspiration meetings in spring 2015, the vision is realized. Simultaneously the residents of Naarden get the chance to have their voices heard via the online platform