Delta programme: are the Dutch cities prepared for weather extremes?

In five workshops Urhahn has examined how adaptive our cities and villages are considering major weather extremes.


    Effective measures

    The assignment differs enormously per location. A location like Paleiskwartier in ‘s Hertogenbosch has to cope with water quality and water shortage, whereas in Kockengen flooding and subsidence are the main themes. With teams of national experts together with locals, we explored by design research which measures are effective. Our method of working and the accompanying ‘game’ have been an eye-opener for all participants of the cases.



    A handbook offers an inspiring opening towards a more sustainable method of working in urban management based on collaboration and participation. Our advice is attributing to what local organizations are capable of doing by themselves to implement solutions. Besides that the (Dutch) website offers tips, backgrounds, examples and an action plan. The game can be downloaded as well. On the (Dutch) website the results of the workshops are published.