A lively city centre

Urhahn advises Amstelveen with a vision to strengthen the connections between the adjacent districts and the city center and improving the public spaces in and around the center.

Integral vision

The city centre of Amstelveen is a well functioning, popular shopping centre. The centre was generously expanded and restored in the late 80s, and it has a strong regional potency. The most important owner, Unibail Rodamco, has the intention to invest in the area. The city council aims to revitalise the main square. And last but not least: the entrance from the A9 highway is going to be considerably changed in the next couple of years (Urhahn advised the municipality with the ‘Workbook Herziening Tracébesluit’  on that project). All these dynamics ask for an integral vision for the city heart.


Strengthening of the connections

Urhahn assisted the municipality of Amstelveen by formulating her vision on the city heart. The essence of our vision is to strengthen the connections between the adjacent neighbourhoods and the city heart and to improve the public spaces in and around the centre. Especially in the evening, as the shops are closed but the theatre and pop podium full of life, the city heart has to offer more. That improves the balance in the relationship between shopping and other urban functions. The vision came about in work sessions with the municipality.



The vision is introduced in workshops with Unibail Rodamco. Now the next step is to come together to an integral improvement of the city heart.