Sustainable area development Strijp-T

Once a Philips factory behind a fence, now an employment area in the city. What is the future? In workshops with stakeholders Urhahn developed a sustainable area development strategy for Strijp T.


    Test case sustainable business sites
    Employment area Strijp-T in Eindhoven is test case in the European research C2C BIZZ for the development of cradle to cradle in business sites. The location is introduced by our team, because the time has come to think with the owners and entrepreneurs about the future of Strijp-T. Sustainable area development is the opportunity for Strijp-T.


    A vision that matches the wishes of the entrepreneurs  

    With the entrepreneurs, owners and the municipality a vision is developed for the area. By combining the wishes of the entrepreneurs with the potency of the place a vision has arisen that suits the current firms and is a niche in Eindhoven: the ‘crafts’-campus of Eindhoven. Through interviews with the stakeholders in two work sessions a shared story for Strijp-T is developed.


    Eyes opened

    Now that the vision is ready, the next step is to organize the involved parties in a collaboration that matches the dynamics of the area. A lot of things must be picked up: collaborating on an energy production plan, make a strategy to attract new users, set up a traffic plan to safely interfere freight and visitors. The vision forms the basis for this and has opened everyone’s eyes to the opportunities of sustainable area development in the area.


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