Supervision renewal Emmen city centre

Future of a modernistic city centre in a shrinkinkage area


    What is the identity of the city centre of Emmen? How can a dynamic centre arise that is not only based on shopping, but also on a sustainable mix of functions? Joop Slangen and Tess Broekmans of Urhahn are appointed for the supervision of the city centre.


    Development area

    The city centre of Emmen is dynamic, despite the shrinkage in the region. The zoo, which lay in the heart of the city, is being moved. Therewith a lot of development area is being generated, but there also arises another relation to the biggest trigger of the city. This asks for a vision on the whole city centre of Emmen.


    Opportunities and strategies
    We have had conversations with all parties involved in the city centre of Emmen, from entrepreneurs to developers. This way we got a good impression of the city centre and its  opportunities. With the officials from the different sectors an integral vision was made, in which a spatial and socio-economic perspective on the city centre have been included. Motto for the vision is ‘urban facilities in a village atmosphere’. The vision consists of a reliable analysis, an incentive towards the identity and core values and some development strategies. In January 2015 the vision was approved by the city council and is converted to a concrete action plan. The vision has already been used as a basis for the supervision of the city centre.